Tutorial 1 – Dayz Epoch Linux Server Basic Installation – Commands (

Here are some commands used in the tutorial video which can be copied to have the correct syntax for the file/path names if the way in the tutorial will be used.

Chapter 0:
(Executed from anywhere)
aptitude search gcc
aptitude search perl
aptitude search mysql
aptitude search screen
aptitude search libjson-xs-perl
aptitude search libdbd-mysql-perl
aptitude search lib32stdc++6
(If the programs are not already available, install them via aptitude install package-name or with the command/package manager for your linux distribution.)

Chapter 2:
(Executed from anywhere as root)
adduser epoch
(Executed from within the epoch user’s home directory)
mkdir epochserver
mkdir installfiles

Chapter 3:
(Executed from within the ‘installfiles’ directory)
cp -r Dayz-Epoch-Linux-Server-master/* /home/epoch/epochserver/
cp -r Arma\ 2/AddOns/ /home/epoch/epochserver/
cp -r Arma\ 2/Dta/ /home/epoch/epochserver/
cp -r Arma\ 2\ Operation\ Arrowhead/Common/ /home/epoch/epochserver/
cp -r Arma\ 2\ Operation\ Arrowhead/\@DayZ_Epoch/ /home/epoch/epochserver/
cp -r Arma\ 2\ Operation\ Arrowhead/Expansion/* /home/epoch/epochserver/expansion

Chapter 4:
(Executed from within the ‘epochserver’ directory)
rm ijl15.dll README.md
rm cache/objects/*
rm cache/traders/*
rm "@DayZ_Epoch"/*.txt
rm expansion/ijl15.dll
rm -r expansion/BattlEye/
rm expansion/beta/*.exe
rm expansion/beta/*.txt
rm -r expansion/beta/dll
mkdir sql
mv *.sql sql
gcc -O -o tolower tolower.c
rm tolower.c

Chapter 5:
(Executed from within the ‘epochserver’ directory)
mysql -u root -p
mysql> create database epoch;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON epoch.* TO 'epochuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'epochpass';
mysql> use epoch;
mysql> source sql/database.sql;
mysql> source sql/v1042update.sql;
mysql> source sql/v1042a_update.sql;
mysql> show tables;

Chapter 7:
(Executed from within the ‘epochserver’ directory)
ldd epoch

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