3.) Permission denied

epoch@Debian-60-squeeze-64-LAMP:~/epochserver$ dos2unix epoch.sh
dos2unix: Failed to open temporary output file: Permission denied

How to fix this:
If you ever get the error output Permission denied check the following

  • Did you accidentally login with a different account? If so, logout and login again with the Linux account of the home directory where you copied all the server files to.
  • Did you copy the files during the installation process with a different user maybe, e.g. root?
    Then login as root again, go to the home directory of the user who should run the server (in the tutorial epoch and do a
    chown -R epoch:epoch epochserver
    The command will change the ownership of all files in the server directory (if epochserver is your server directory) back to user epoch and group epoch (epoch:epoch).
    So your user has back all the rights he needs to work with his own files.

  • Category: Common Issues

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